The day-to-day business is increasingly marked by meetings. Preparation of meetings involve distribution of documents, invitations of participants and confirmations.

Our solution keeps all meeting relevant data and documents in a central place in order to offer quick and easy access.


Meetings taking place with an variation of participants. All information should be recorded and lead to actions. Our solution provides all above and allows as many people to join as required. A further feature is a “timeline” option, which makes sure to trace details of meeting agreements.

Session workbook

Preparation is an imported part for an efficient meeting. All corresponding documents, project plans and board templates are required on an agenda. Our solution offers a controlled concept with rights and roles. Each participants can prepare own documents.


Protocols are an important part of meetings. Our session management creates logs based on predetermined templets and structured “pushes”. Additional meeting data such as “to-do’s”, participants and innovations can be transferred freely in logs.