Medical Device Integration

United diversity in a hospital information system (HIS)

Our society and our economy is becoming a better network every day. Diversity in use of applications, software and exchange data is part of our digital part of life.

A hospital information systems is a professional platform with similar diversity of connected devices, functioning to support information processes for people to merge into an all-embracing system. To facilitate communication between these different systems and areas, some standards have been established. SOAP, ODBC or HL7 are established to standardize the different applications in the hospital sector and provide a base for integration in a HIS (hospital information system).

The emphasis is on “diverse”. There are a number of such standards. Our systems which have been established for the same reason of “united diversity” can be integrated with little effort. A Medical Data Hub integrates interfaces on different layers of the OSI layer model and to transform all data messages into a uniform, universal type. These data messages can be used for a complex workflow. Our program “Octopus” makes a heterogeneous environment of different software systems a highly integrated system.