Inhouse Knowledge MGMT

SEARCH – inhouse knowledge management

Our daily work environment is characterized by a variety of digital sources of information. Directories, wikis, emails or databases contain a large amount of value added data.
Our SEARCH knowledge management helps to find fast and comfortable required data and data-files across different applications, to use it in context and to tap into an available information pool.

Accessible information in databases, conversations and documents should quickly be found. It doesn’t matter what file formats are available for displaying information from documents. This creates flexibility and reduces administrative and licensing costs, additional software is no longer necessary for read access.

Knowledge of mobile applications are spreading rapidly. It is an increasing desire to make knowledge accessible anytime, anywhere. Our solution integrates  mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and web access.

Duplicates can be found fast through central collection of all data.  This reduces friction loss through use of uniform data sets, no matter whether it is in CRM, ERP systems.