Process improvements through idea management

Continuous improvement can be ensured through regular reviews of all processes. Best results rise, when directly affected parties such as patients, staff and external service providers are involved.

Regular feedback, assessments of situations and reviews of instructions make sure that high expectations of quality are matched and improvement continuously.  An idea-management can make a significant contribution to the continuous process and lead to cost optimization.

Advantages at a glance

  1. display of various models (superior model, centralized model, scale-out model, team model)
  2. Premium documentation
  3. Evaluation of ideas with colleagues
  4. Central management of all necessary data
  5. Compliance with prescribed response times
  6. Personal ideas dashboard

Freedom to choose favorite style of submission, all can directly implemented into the system. Paper documents are scanned directly into “the management of ideas” and can be processed user friendly. Data can be entered in an “idea portal” directly via a Web form. All processing could start immediately.

Ideas dashboard informs an user of the current work with a virtual desktop any time.

  1. Tasks, deadlines and reminder
  2. Operations open for editing and post incoming documents

Nothing gets lost or will be processed to late!

Ideas to review our idea management provides everyone with an opportunity to contribute their own ideas, to assess others and to propose amendments. All options are open to work as a team.

Central data storage allows an even easier controlling of key figures at a glance. Final reports will be adjusted to required results. Many options with graphics integration, quick access and generation of report documents are possible.

Rewarding ideas can be an motivational tool. Ideas have the potential to save costs or to open up new markets. All process steps can be documented until the final result of implementation. This provides an “countable” option to pass on positive effects of ideas as awards and bonuses.