Research and innovation is making remarkable therapeutic success, although healthcare facilities still continue to face a great challenge.

Hygiene is identified as a central component in medical care, however hospital acquired infections and antibiotic resistant pathogens represent increased risk in healthcare facilities.

A pro active hygiene approach with conservative estimates a reduction of infections by 30%. To achieve this potential, three steps are necessary:

  1. Formulate guidelines and document
  2. Violations capturing and analyzing
  3. Derive action plans and monitor their implementation

Hygiene violation – solutions helping to reduce administrative burden for documentation of violations.

Documentation flow 

An infection protection regulation describes detect violations of hygiene and takes appropriate measures. Our solution helps to fulfil these requirements more easily. Through the stringent illustration of all necessary data in one operation, can all processes been reconstructed even after years. A corresponding set of rules ensures a complete coverage of the data. Optional interfaces offer options to exchange data between systems.

Paper or digital solutions

No matter whether a messages would be initialized via web portals, paper documents or respond to E-Mails. While web forms are applied directly into systems, can paper documents immediately implemented via existing scanner in the application. By displaying documents in browsers, data can be quickly and easily transferred from a document into a system.