Healthcare Authority Services

Prescription efficiency control

We offer a management system, which supports authorities to observe the efficiency of physicians & medical institutes.  All analytic of prescriptions will be according to local regulations.

    • order tracking & monitoring, reporting for highest quality
    • electronic document management for court files
    • document generation, handling, storing; archiving interfaces
    • mass print output management
    • electronic order processing interfaces

Examination treatment control

Furthermore we do offer a web-based management systems to observe the treatment processes for healthcare authorities.

    • Products / processes
    • Quality inspection of care process of medical institutions, nursing and rest homes
    • Treatment errors
    • Examination of long-term care allowance
    • Order tracking & monitoring, reporting for highest quality
    • Mobile clients for (maybe external) medical experts
    • Highest level of security & availability
    • Document generation, handling, storing; archiving interfaces; mass print output management
    • Electronic order processing interfaces


Nursing certificate services

Our software and services are mainly focused on the needs of local administrations to generate and manage nursing certificates.

    • Web-based form to create a certificate (application on a local client)
    • Automatically assumption of patient’s data from databases of the health insurance institutes
    • Automatically calculation of multistage nursing degrees
    • Consistent question order algorithm of the patient’s status
    • Extensive plausibility check of all key inputs and guidelines
    • Print-out a standardized certificate in accordance to the directions of the healthcare system
    • Delivers upraised patient’s data back to the database and order management system