about us

The company EFFICIENT DYNAMICS  has been established in the end of 2015 and works close with German partnership companies to support mainly the field of Healthcare and Facilities with latest technology solutions. Our solutions are “process” based and therefore suitable for other administrations, facilities and government entities as well. All are combining process optimization, application services, digital business solutions and Enterprise Mobility Management. Furthermore, is a Energy Management solution for Healthcare facilities (hospitals & clinics) in the starting phase. The next large concept is a Quality control / Quality assessment system development for healthcare authorities in the UAE and around the world.

The company is on a growth path and works with long established, successful and innovative partners. Therefore we can offer proven solutions. The clients can expect a selection of innovative certified products in our portfolio.

We are reaching out to clients and looking forward to be involved in projects. Please contact us with new ideas and your requirements.


Approved supplier: Dubai Health Authority, Saudi German Hospital



The company intecsoft was founded in 1994 and is one of the top companies in the field of process knowledge in healthcare. Intecsoft operates as a group with local presence in Germany, Switzerland and in the United Arab Emirates, providing unique added valve when it comes to healthcare IT technologies. An international team of specialists from Germany, Switzerland, USA, and the Middle East developing solutions for automatization and digitization processes, which generate automatic monitoring processes, improvement of healthcare processes and all in highest process execution, quality and efficiency. Intecsoft works in close cooperation with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. The main clients are government entities, healthcare authorities, examination treatment control – and prescription efficiency control authorities.